E. F. Keebler Musical Instruments



I’m Eric F. Keebler, an electro-luthier (a maker of electric stringed instruments). I’ve been making electric violins and violas for close to 20 years, and they can now be found on every continent except for Antarctica (if you know of any particularly talented penguins looking for a new instrument, be sure to let me know!). I got into this business to tackle the challenge of creating a pickup system that truly has an “acoustic” sound, that doesn’t require a preamp or EQ, and that can sound great when plugged straight into an average guitar amp. I’ve achieved that goal with my adjustable-timbre pickup system, which sounds great both “clean” and when run through effects processors.

For many years I built custom instruments to meet the needs of players around the globe (photos of some of my custom work from the last decade are posted
here). Then I designed a groundbreaking new type of electric violin, the WARHORSE, that combines my excellent pickup quality with a radical new body design. Recently I’ve been focusing my time on working on special projects for a number of long-time customers; and on developing a new violin design, “Sunspot” (feel free to contact me if you’d like to be notified when my new creation is unveiled).

Also, I have recently been updating my Tubular Electric Violin design to allow it to interface with the neck/fingerboard assembly I developed for the WARHORSE line. After completing my remaining custom orders using this new design, I will be making high-end Tubular Electric Violins that blur the line between instrument and art object; these will be built totally to my own designs and will be posted on this website as they become available (if you want notifications of available instruments, please
contact me).